Final Program for 2013 SCE Meeting (updated May 23rd)

April 18, 2013

June 9th 2013

Dinner 6 pm – Networking and informal discussions

June 10th 2013

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am  – Introductions and acknowledgment of sponsors

Morning topic – Diabetes mellitus

8:10 am Dr. Claudia Kirk Update on the feline obesity/diabetes ACVIM consensus statement (30 min lecture plus 20 minutes discussion)

9:00 am Dr. Richard Nelson Use of insulin analogs in dogs (30 min lecture plus 20 minutes discussion).

9:50 am Dr. Paul Robertson MD  Glucose toxicity

10:50 am Coffee/snack  break

11:15 am Dr. Paul Robertson MD  Pancreatic islet transplantation

12:15 pm Dr. Jacquie Rand  Diagnosis of pre-diabetes and diabetes in cats

12:45 pm Adjourn

Boxed Lunches

Afternoon Free Time

7:00 pm DinnerNetworking and informal discussions

June 11th 2013

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am – Introductions and acknowledgment of sponsors

Morning topic – Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism

8:10 am Dr. Hattie Syme Oral anti-thyroid drugs for treatment of feline hyperthyroidism

8:40 am Dr. Dave Bruyette Nutritional management of hyperthyroidism using iodine limited diets

9:10 am Dr. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff Effect of iodine limited diets on thyroidal iodine uptake in hyperthyroid cats

9:40 am Dr. Mark Peterson Update on radioactive iodine treatment in cats

10:00 am Panel discussion (Peterson, Syme, Bruyette, Scott-Moncrieff) on treatment of feline hyperthyroidism Moderator Dr. Johan Schoeman

10:30 am Coffee/snack break

11:00 am Dr. Peter Graham/Markus Rick

Update on EQUAS and early experiences of the ESVE External QA scheme

11:30 am Kent Refsal/Markus Rick An update on the measurement of 21-hydroxylase antibodies in dogs with hypoadrenocorticism

12:00 pm Kent Refsal/Markus Rick ‘Diagnosis of Primary Hyperaldosteronism in Cats:  Current Status and Questions for the Future’

12:30 pm Dr. Alan Poppl Insulin binding studies in muscle of bitches and tyrosine quinase activity, during different estrous cycle phases, and in bitches suffering from pyometra.

1:00 pm Adjourn

Boxed lunches and shuttle bus back to Seattle